Sunday, July 25, 2010

Heading North

Jack , Casey and I left Virginia this morning for the first leg of our trip that will eventually land (drive) us in Maine. This is what I left for Pat to eat...

(imagine picture of empty fridge that I don't know how to upload from my iPhone)

We joined a crowd of similarly outfitted SUVs and minivans with bike racks, cargo racks and interiors filled to the brim as we drove up the eastern shore. 2 1/2 hours to Ocean City was short compared to our upcoming Philly to eastern Maine leg. Jack began asking the age old question of "How much longer?" but also included "I'm really not happy that we're not there yet". When I told him we could sing some songs to make it pass faster he all of a sudden found the movie interesting again.

We made it safely only to be seriously scared by some crazy wind as we left the pool this evening. The black clouds were rolling in and the wind was picking up when we decided to head back to the condo. About 50 yards down the street from the pool we heard screaming, loud banging noises and felt the wind pick up. Looking back was like a scene from a movie where you can physically see the wind because of all the debris. Umbrellas
from the pool started flying through the air and we grabbed the kids off their bikes and started running. At one point we saw one of the umbrellas flying through the sky 3 stories up. I guess it was only a few rogue gusts that caused all the commotion but it was scary for a few minutes. But I survived to tell about it. And blogging from the iPhone is not for the faint hearted either.

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