Monday, July 12, 2010

Sesame Place Take 3

Last Tuesday, Pat and I took the kids to Sesame Place.  It was our third year there and it has been a completely different experience each time.  This year it was really hot and we spent most of our time in the water park area.

We meandered down the lazy river and then played with some spraying water.  The Count's Splash Castle was a big hit.  The waterslides were the perfect size for the kids to go down by themselves.  And honestly, they were the perfect size and speed for me too.

Jack was looking forward to going on the rope/obstacle course.  He went up there with Pat and I played in another area with Casey for a while.  There is a huge net that you can climb on but then there are tunnels that only a kid can crawl through.  Jack wanted to go through there and Pat told him where he would be waiting.  Jack said, "How will I get ahold of you?  Should I call you on your cell phone?"  Pat told me this later and I thought it was hilarious.

Jack had some funny ideas about what he had done at Sesame Place when he was a baby.  He kept saying he wanted to go on the ride he went to when he was a baby.  He studied the map and studied a little more and looked around and finally decided it was a big white waterslide that he had gone on.

I certainly didn't take him on this ride the first year we went (he was 2 and Casey was 5 months) and neither did his Nana.  This waterslide had a huge "raft" that the whole family can go on and then it spins around and around within the slide as the slide itself loops around a couple times.  The last section is a huge, fast drop to the bottom.  So we all went on it to "relive" Jack's memory.  And he still thinks it is the ride he went on when he was a baby.  I may have cried like a baby as we spun around a few too many times but that was definitely my first time on that ride.

We watched the parade in the afternoon and fought with a lot of of people to get down the Count's slides a couple more times and then headed home.  On our way out, we caught up with Bert and Ernie.  Jack was brave this year and actually went up to them to shake their hands.  He wasn't so interested in Oscar, but Casey was.


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