Monday, June 14, 2010

Tough Questions

Jack asked me some tough questions today.  To which I provided some fairly inadequate answers.  He thinks he can figure it all out himself anyway.

Who made God Mommy? // God made all the people.
Yeah, but who made God?  Did he make himself?  // Yup, he made himself.  Good answer.
But how do we get up to God?  //  When we die we go up to heaven to be with God.
Can I still move when I die?  Will my leg still work?  // No.
Then how am I going to get to God?  // Pause.  Mumble, mumble, spirit goes to God, mumble, mumble.
Does God just make us over and over again?  // What do you mean by that?
Probably when I die, they hook an airplane to my leg and fly me up to God.

See, he's got it all figured out.

He also found a couple of good times in other conversations to use the word 'wonderful'.

Mommy, those trees over there would be a wonderful place for a hike.
Oh no, this broke.  How are we going to fix it?  Oh, but this would make a wonderful frisbee instead.

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