Thursday, June 10, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Jack's preschool held a graduation ceremony today and it was very cute.  I heard that some other moms were getting their boys all dressed up, so I pulled out Jack's tuxedo for the occasion.  He wore it for his Uncle Matt's wedding back in September and his legs have definitely gotten a little longer since then.  It wasn't like he was expecting a 100-year flood...maybe just a small spring flood.

The process of getting him ready wasn't the most pleasant one.  He wasn't really happy with his pants or his shoes or his shirt being tucked in and the jacket was too hot.  He really wanted to wear some plaid shorts and a Phillies T-shirt.  I looked for something in between wedding outfit and baseball game outfit, but didn't find much.  Finally he went with the tux but with his shirt untucked and no jacket.  I got to school early to get some pictures, but apparently I should have used that time to get front row seats because it was hard to see the kids if you weren't in front.  Especially Jack, who was sitting on the floor.

Checking out an ant!

Miss Lena gave the students all caps and they came marching in from the hallway and took their seats.  They had a little show prepared for us, singing songs about the days of the week, months, numbers, colors - in English and Spanish! and a few other things.  Jack just sat and smiled the whole time.  I know that he knows all those things, but he's not much for performing in front of a crowd. (Unless it's sports because I'm remembering that he was in his glory when he was the youngest kid playing baseball at a Memorial Day barbeque.)  When it comes to learning and performing things like at graduation, he likes to be completely comfortable with it and then he'll let you know everything he knows.  Miss Lena said that if we had a graduation every week, eventually he'd be comfortable and probably be the loudest one singing.  He was pretty darn cute just smiling at me for most of the show.

This was a great first classroom for Jack.  He learned so many things and he really adored his teacher.  He likes to play school now, and he stands at his little blackboard and tells me, "This is the road to reading!" which is exactly how Miss Lena taught him.  I'm very proud of him and everything he learned this year.


  1. tux + chucks = coolest outfit, EVER!!! love the pictures. what a cutie! aren't 3 year olds interesting?!?

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