Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Prom 2010

This morning we went to Jack's first prom.  I'm not going to let him take his sister to future proms, but at the preschool prom, I think it is okay.  After all, she is his best friend.

It was a slow start to the prom for Jack.  There are a lot more girls in his class than boys and he's not as social as all those girls.  The music started, but Jack said he was tired and didn't want to dance.  

He sat in this chair and watched the other kids dance.  Some of those girls had some moves!  At least he wasn't the only boy who didn't dance.

Casey did a little dancing and tried to make Jack feel better.

Finally it was time to eat.  After sending me back for more food about 5 times, Jack finally got some of his energy back and was able to pose for pictures and head out on the dance floor.  Of course Casey was all danced out by that time so I had to hold her while trying to dance with Jack.

Jack tried to jump in some pictures with some other kids, but he was a little too shy to ask anyone to be in a picture with him.  After a couple of silly faces, he put his hands in his pockets and got serious about modeling.  We asked Miss Lena for a picture and Jack was grinning from ear to ear to take a picture with her.

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