Monday, April 12, 2010

Hockey Stick Sadness

On Friday night, Jack went to a Norfolk Admirals hockey game with Pat.  It was stick night so Jack was excited about getting a hockey stick.  When they came into the house, Jack was very excited to show me his tee.  "A tee?  Where's your hockey stick?",  I asked.

He said, "They ran out of them so I didn't get one."  And he said it so bravely but as he finished talking he just looked at me and broke down crying.  It was like he'd been holding it all in and trying to be a big boy about the fact that he didn't get the hockey stick but when he finally got home to his mommy, he let it all out.

It broke my heart.  And I just started crying with him.  Pat came in and couldn't figure out why I was crying.  I just felt so sad for my little 3 year old boy, who only wanted the promised free hockey stick.

A couple minutes later, he was fine but I'll never forget how disappointed and sad he looked and feeling his little body shake as I held him while he cried.

It may have been a little overemotional on both our parts, as I was watching a sad movie before he came in and he was definitely overtired.  But the people who didn't order enough hockey sticks so my little boy could get one should be ashamed!


  1. aw! i bit my bottom lip right along with you! i absolutely hate when they're let down.

  2. Thanks for following ! I will follow you too ! It is a good idea to have a blog about the funny things that happen in life and that your kids say. Chloe has said some pretty funny stuff but you never think to write it down.