Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Morning

Three days after Easter - the baskets are put away, most of the green grass has been removed from the carpet and the candy is all gone...which is more than I can say for the Halloween candy that just won't go away.  Actually there are still some jelly beans left, but Jack doesn't know about those, so essentially the candy is gone.

A lot of my tidying is due to the pollen which is invading our house.  I can't count how many times I wiped things off today.  In order to have fewer things to clean, I did some serious decluttering of surfaces and put a lot of things away where the yellow snow can't get to it.  I refuse to put the air conditioner on because it's only April and it's going to be back to the 60s on Friday so I keep a couple windows open and deal with the pollen.

Even though we put most of Easter away, there are still some cute pictures from Easter morning to show...

As soon as Jack found and egg and stuffed some candy in his mouth, he was all smiles for the camera.  This tendency disappeared an hour later when dressed in his Easter best, as shown in my last post.  Tugger was also interested in what those plastic eggs held.  I think she snacked on a jelly bean or two.

Jack got a new shirt from Nana.  He is very proud of being able to put his clothes on and off by himself lately, as caught in this series of photos.  I could also show you this phenomenon by taking pictures of him at three or four different points during they day lately and you would see him in different outfits each time.  Or, I could show you the floor in his bedroom after he has "gone through" his drawer looking for just the right pair of shorts.  

A new shirt and some candy...worthy of a smile.

Jack checks out Casey's eggs to make sure he didn't miss anything good.  Casey wasn't into the hunt very much so I think Jack found all the eggs.  But he shared.  Casey is sporting her new Dora T-shirt and her purple princess socks.  (It's good that she put on this shirt so you don't see her stained hand-me down pajamas as clearly.)  Jack has on some new Crocs ($10 at Big Lots...I'm proud of the good deal.)

I got Jack and Casey each a fold up lawn chair and they loved them.  They have dragged them all over the house and outside.  Casey thought she would move hers right over to the table to have her breakfast.  Notice the change from purple princess socks to blue princess socks.

Overall, we had a great Easter day with baskets in the morning, church where we all got seats and the kids were remarkably good and a great dinner with family.  And Tugger only escaped once, to be caught 5 minutes later.  (Some day I'm going to start a little counter on the side that counts how many days since Tugger has escaped.)  

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