Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Finery

Jack doesn't like to smile and pose for pictures any more.  He got all handsome and had a little gel in his hair but could not seem to find his smile or open his eyes for these pictures.  I just uploaded my pictures from the camera to the computer and thought you might enjoy six! pictures of Jack with his eyes closed. I think it must be a talent to have your eyes shut in almost every picture. 

And then I finally got this shot!
And he's so handsome!

I also worked hard with Casey to get some good pictures.  She's a little more into smiling, but when she says "Cheese" it doesn't look like a nice natural smile.

To get them to pose together and smile, I told them they were allowed to stand on the coffee table.  This is the best I got:

We had a great Easter...more pictures tomorrow!

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