Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rotten Eggs

Although Jack & Casey love bathtime, sometimes it's tough to get the whole process started and to actually get them naked and in the bathtub. As soon as you mention bathtime, they kind of go crazy and just start running around downstairs.

When they finally get upstairs, often with Pat carrying them both over his shoulder, Jack thinks it's fun to go jump on our bed and wedge himself in between the head of the bed and the wall. For a while, he would yell that he was stuck until we'd go get him. I guess he liked being stuck because he did it over and over. He's since figured out how to get out himself, usually upon threat of losing stories and songs if he doesn't get in the bathroom and take his clothes off.

Once they get their clothes off, they get even crazier. They run around upstairs, in and out of different bedrooms until they are caught and finally delivered to the warm water of the bathtub. Once there, it's tough to get them out.

To start this whole process, Pat has come up with a new technique. He started out by yelling, "Last one up the stairs is a rotten egg!" It was kind of lost on Jack & Casey, but they thought it sounded funny. After a few days, Jack decided that he wanted to be a rotten egg. So Pat changed it up a little..."First one up the stairs is a rotten egg." Now as soon as Pat mentions bathtime, Jack says, "I want to be a rotten egg Daddy. Can you say it so I can be a rotten egg?" And Casey chimes in with, "I 'ant rotten egg. I 'ant rotten egg." They run up the stairs and so the bathtime procedure begins, with a little less drama than in the past.

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  1. How cute! I love it when Daddy gets creative. It's most often something I'd never come up with.