Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Only Two Wheels!

Yesterday after school, the bickering started and the only way I could stop it was to institute some quiet time.  I sent the kids to their rooms and re-arranged my kitchen cabinets in peace.  Probably just when I was tossing out old and duplicate spices, I heard the kids yelling to the girl who lives across the street.

Jack asked if they could be done with quiet time (which was more separate time than quiet time) because he wanted to go out and play with T across the street.  I was just about done with the cupboards so we headed out.

It turns out that T had her training wheels off and her mom was helping her ride.  I asked Jack if he wanted to try it with his bike and at first he said no.  Then he watched T for 2 minutes and changed his mind.

He was very cautious about it at first.  He only wanted to go up and down the driveway and he didn't want to attempt any turns.  We had taken the training wheels off once before and he had a tough time with the turns.

As soon as he tried it, he barely needed me to hang on to him.  I think his scooter has helped him work on his balance a lot.  He was scared to try a turn at first but once he was comfortable with going straight, he went into the cul-de-sac and had no problem with turning.  After about 30 minutes, both he and T were riding from one cul-de-sac to the other.  There were some occasional falls, but they both got up again and hopped on their bikes because they loved it so much.

Jack was really excited about it and I think he was very proud of himself.  I was pretty bursting with pride too.  I was pretty sure we wouldn't be putting the training wheels back on again before he even tried it, but it was great to see how happy he was with his newfound freedom.

Today he spent hours on the bike again and he didn't need my help at all.  I knew he could do it but it's still amazing how quickly he picked it up.

Here is a little video from yesterday...Casey indicates a few times that she wants to see the video.  She had a great time on her bike yesterday and wanted to try it without the training wheels, but settled for pretending.

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