Tuesday, May 24, 2011

End of Year Program

We just got back from Jack's end of year program.  I've been listening to him sing some of the songs for a month or so and I was looking forward to seeing it in concert.  We were all very excited about going to the show.  Jack started getting ready at 12:30 this afternoon.  I had to keep making him take his white shirt off when he was eating.  Casey put a dress on around this time too but she must have changed her clothes 5 times before we got back to the dress.  At 4:45 this afternoon she decided to put on pajamas.  Then she got them wet so she put on a different pair.  She also had a dance outfit, a Cinderella dress, and blue polka-dot pants on at various points in the day.

You'd think we'd be quite prepared to get to the show by the time it finally got here, but I got a little distracted by a big storm that blew some crazy winds at us when it rolled into town.  I had just gotten out of the shower and noticed that Tugger was acting a little funny and the sky was getting darker.  I ran to the front window to see what was going on and trees were bent over and it looked like a big dust cloud out there.  I decided I need to throw some clothes on and go close the garage door.  Then I started making sure there were no big funnels heading towards us and trying to check the weather.  Jack told me, "I don't think there is any hope left for us."  Maybe he's watching too many dramatic Star Wars episodes.  Thankfully he was wrong and the winds only lasted for about 15 minutes and then a little rain and thunder rumbled through.  But it threw off my schedule.  I forgot to grab shoes for Pat and forgot the camera.  And the kids were being crazy up to the moment we left the house.  Luckily Pat had time to get home and grab the camera.

I spent most of Jack's concert trying to figure out the best manual setting to take pictures because I knew from the last time he was one stage that the automatic settings didn't give me great pictures.  I eventually figured it out, but long after Jack was on stage.  I got some decent pictures of the 2 year olds.  Too bad I don't know any of them.

I spent the other time trying not to cry.  They had videos with sentimental music and cute little kindergardeners in caps and gowns and I think it was just designed to make mothers cry.  I didn't even have someone "graduating."  Up on stage one of the kindergardeners was crying and she was even prepared with tissues.  It was adorable and made me want to cry.  But I didn't let any tears escape and now I'm prepared for next year.  So I can try harder not to cry...or bring tissues.

Casey spent the entire show pretending the center aisle was a hopscotch game.  She hopped up and then ran back to Pat.  Repeat a dozen times.  After Jack was done singing though, she was my only photography subject.

It was a great program with a nice little smorgasbord of snacks after the show.  I am so proud of Jack for standing up there and singing his heart out.  A year ago at the rec center preschool he wasn't sure of himself enough to sing with the group.  He has grown so much this year.  And next year, both Jack and Casey will be on the stage!

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