Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Secret Passageway

Yesterday Jack was determined to find a secret passageway through one of our walls.  He started by locking me in the bathroom (even though the lock was on my side) and telling me I needed to find a secret passage to get out.  When I couldn't find one, he went through the house tapping on walls and asking me if I thought there might be a passage there.  "Mommy, the floor is kind of spongy here.  Do you think there's a secret passage under the carpet?"

As we went downstairs, he grabbed his toy tools and started tapping and "drilling" on the walls in various places.  Casey started to ask me if we could play Candyland but Jack piped up with, "We don't have time for games, Casey!  We have to find a secret passage!"

Here is a video of the search:

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