Monday, March 14, 2011

Fashion for the 3 Year Old

The third part of Casey's two weeks of growing up is that she can now get herself dressed.  Strangely, she's spent more time undressed than before she was able to dress herself.

In the mornings after breakfast, I usually send Jack to his room to get dressed and then I either get dressed or help Casey get dressed.  One morning while I was brushing my teeth Jack came in and very excitedly told me, "Mommy, Casey can get dressed all by herself!"  Sure enough, Casey was wearing some ensemble that she had picked out and I think it actually matched.

Since then, she mostly gets herself dressed.  The only thing she can't do is take her shirt off (in preparation for putting on a new one).  I try to let her pick out her clothes and she does a decent job.  Sometimes I try to guide her a little better and sometimes I let her wear what she wants and laugh at her smile to myself every time I look at her.

Lately, afternoons have turned into dress up time.  Casey will usually run to her room to change into a princess dress or dancing dress or her special mermaid garb.  Last week, Casey decided that she wanted to be a mermaid and I guess she thinks mermaids don't wear clothes because when Casey is a mermaid she only wears underwear.  I'm pretty sure Ariel is clothed in all the books we have of her, but maybe mermaid fin and bikini top are as good as naked in Casey's world.  Either way, it can be entertaining to see how Casey's outfits evolve through the afternoon.  And there's usually a trail of clothes and shoes throughout the house.  

This is one of my favorite outfits that Casey has personally styled.  Backwards football jersey over a black Halloween shirt, neon orange skirt over purple leggings, princess socks with pink shoes.  Sadly we will never see an exact replica of this outfit again because she got the purple leggings caught in a branch while climbing a tree and they have a big hole in them.

Casey is modeling her new tutu and play ballet shoes in this picture.  She accessorized with a headband and beads.  

I didn't realize the purple leggings were so popular.  This ensemble is for grocery shopping.  It's hard to tell but she has a baby carrier in her right hand and the baby is hanging out of it rather precipitously.  In her left hand she has her reusable grocery bag with some fresh produce.  Princess heels, long white gloves and a pink striped hat are essential for looking good at the grocery store.  Jack also chose his own clothing.  I'm not too keen on that combination of black and blue but if he gets himself dressed, it's a win for me.

This is my little artist.  He put this hat on and told me it was his painting hat.  How did he know that he should wear that hat?  I haven't a clue.

Casey is an artist as well.  She was only wearing underwear before we brought out the easel.  That's her painting shirt.  I guess she needs painting pants as well.

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