Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quotes of the Day from Jack

Today we spent most of the day at home...and the toys strewn all over the house account for that.  It was a good day to reconnect with toys and for me to do some things around the house.  I'm already caught up on laundry from our vacation so that's a good start!

Some funny things came out of Jack's mouth today...

Me:  Where did your pajamas go?  (As he jumped into bed buck naked this morning)
Jack:  My foot felt funny so I took them off.

"I have chicken bumps, Mommy!" (also known as goose bumps)

Me:  Why is Casey crying Jack?
Jack:  She was standing on the ice [hardwood floors] and just fell down.  I didn't do anything...she just fell on her own.  It would be better if she was on the carpet.

"Can I pick your clothes out for you today, Mommy?"  Luckily I already had them picked out, but I'm curious what he would have selected for me.

"Let's go look at the beautiful fish."  (while stopping by the vet's office)

Jack:  Mommy, where is Tugger?
Me:  I don't know, probably upstairs sleeping.  Why?
Jack:  I made this for her.  [He shows me something he cut out of purple construction paper and on which he glued some purple scraps.]  It's a picture of her face.
---10 minutes later---
Jack:  I changed my mind Mommy.  This is a picture of you.  It's for you, not Tugger.
Me (inner sarcastic monologue):  Precious.  I'll treasure this forever.  Let's put it right on the fridge. Purple, dog-faced Mommy.

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  1. teresa, i read this to catch up with what jack's been s saying and ended up waking up the baby (as i'm nursing, laying in bed...typing over his head...) because i spit all over the computer with the last thing you said! too funny!