Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good Night Jack

Bedtime with Jack when he's a little overtired means that he asks lots of random questions. He's pretty good at asking random questions during the course of a normal day, but at bedtime, he usually just sits and listens nicely to the songs and stories. When he's tired, he likes to interject random, hard to answer questions while I'm trying to read or sing.

First, Jack wanted to read a story that I think was behind the chair in Casey's room. She was already in her crib and probably asleep. Jack had a solution for that - "There are two different story times for tonight. One is for you to read these to me now. The other is that you have to sneak into Casey's room, really quiet so you don't wake her and get the book and then sneak back into my room. We can do that one later."

He asked me to sing him "Here Comes Santa Claus" after reading about Spot's First Christmas. (I let them pick their own books at the library's usually a pretty interesting selection and inevitably includes a Christmas book, no matter what time of year it is.) After I sang him the song, making up a bunch of it since I didn't know all the words, he said, "Is that all the words to it Mommy?"

I said, "I knew a lot of them and then I made some of them up."

He said, "Oh, well does Daddy know all the words?"

"No, he doesn't."

"Does Grammie know all the words?"

"I don't know if she does," I said.

"Does Grampie know all the words?"

"No, I'm pretty sure he doesn't."

"Did you call Grammie and ask her if she knew all the words? I think that's what you did. You can call her later, but if Nana calls, you can talk to her. Then if the phone rings again, you can talk to Grammie."

I started singing another song, the Barney "I Love You, You Love Me" song and he asked me how I learned all the words to that song.

When I got to the last song, I said, "One more song, Jack."

"Is one a big number?...Why is it a small number?...Why isn't it a big number?"

He asks the hardest questions I've ever been asked! And now I shall look up the lyrics to Here Comes Santa Claus.

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