Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Casey was a little bugger this afternoon. She screamed a lot for what seemed to be no good reason. I think she is teething because she keeps putting her shirt in her mouth and chewing on it. It was feeling like a long afternoon, especially since she woke up early from her nap. But we played outside and we went for a walk and finally it was dinner time.

And at dinner time, to my immense satisfaction, Casey ate chicken! Casey ate sweet potatoes! She also had some pasta but that's something she will normally eat and not worthy of an exclamation point. The only reason we had the pasta was because I knew I couldn't convince Jack to eat chicken or sweet potatoes. I tried to get him to eat sweet potatoes by putting some brown sugar on top, but he tried to eat just the sugar.

In simply eating some vegetables and some chicken, Casey more than made up for her afternoon of screaming. It also helps that she and Jack were pretty good while I was making dinner. They were sitting out on the deck each reading a book. Well, they don't actually know how to read, but they were at least looking at pictures and being quiet. At some point, Casey's reading turned into ripping pages apart, but at least it was a book that I had gotten for a dollar.

After dinner, we headed outside to play for a few more minutes and enjoy the gorgeous weather. It is so cute watching your babies push their babies around in strollers. Jack pushes an umbrella stroller around with his doll, alternately named Sam and Timmy, while Casey pushes a doll-sized stroller around with Grace. We were circling around the cul-de-sacs and suddenly it seemed like every kid in the neighborhood was with us. All of them were older than Jack and Casey. Jack was excited to play with the big kids and Casey was just happy to watch. It was pretty amusing watching Jack try to chase around the big kids pushing a stroller with a doll. He thought he was cool though and learned some new sound effects from the older boys (who were playing with swords). And I learned that I'm kind of glad he's not quite a big kid yet.

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