Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Fall Saturday

Nothing too exciting going on around here, but I am very grateful to be enjoying fall. Last year I was hobbling around on crutches after having broken my foot and I wasn't too happy about it, especially since it is my favorite time of year. I did make it to a hay ride on crutches though, so not all was lost.

We had a nice Saturday. It was a gorgeous fall 80 degrees or so. No humidity - I guess that's what fall means around here. Pat got a lot of yard work done and is very excited about his new edging tool. It makes our driveway look very nice. I finally got my hair cut after several months of pony tails and then headed to Old Navy. I pretty much rebuilt my winter wardrobe. It's hard to shop for sweaters in 80 degree weather, but when they're only $15, you might find yourself with three or four of them anyway.

Pat took Jack, Casey and Tugger for a walk this morning. They came back covered with donut icing and happy. I was happy because I cleaned out the miscellaneous closet in the guest room while they were gone. Now I can get in there without random toys falling on me. And maybe someday I'll do some scrapbooking again now that I can get to it.

This morning Pat took Jack to his ship while Casey and I did some shopping at the Navy Exchange. After watching Jack try to run in his new Crocs, I decided he needed to have some real sneakers. And after watching Casey fall dozens of times in her Crocs, she needed some real shoes too. So they are the proud owners of new Nikes...and when I say proud I mean that Jack wore his through his entire nap and Casey wouldn't let me take hers off once she tried them on. Casey was a walking advertisement for Nike after she got her new shoes. I tried to get a picture of Jack but he was too busy calling me coach, telling me to blow the whistle and running around the living room in his new sneakers.

Besides the new winter wardrobe, I am the proud owner of a dozen fall themed cookie cutters. We didn't get to any fall cookies last year, so this year we are going to have them in any shape you could imagine, from broomsticks and cauldrons to pumpkins and leaves. Pat won't be around much for the rest of the month so I guess we're going to spend the time making cookies.

And what would fall be without some football. Pat reminded me that 4 years ago today we were moving into our new townhouse in Annapolis and going to the Navy football game. Today we watched Navy on TV (only because we don't live there anymore) and had dinner with the kids at Buffalo Wild Wings, where we could continue to watch it on TV, along with a couple other games at the same time.

Now it's bedtime for the kids and we're getting ready for an exciting evening of Tivo. I was checking the Tivo box in the garage (yes there's a tv in the garage) and found that it had recorded some new episodes of one of our favorite shows - The Real Estate Pros. We thought about setting up some lawn chairs in the garage for a change of scenery, but Pat just brought the box into the living room so we shall watch it in the comfort of our couches.

What a great fall Saturday!

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