Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Early Christmas Wishes

Jack and Casey were just talking about some things they would like for Christmas, inspired by the show Max & Ruby.  Jack would like a remote controlled crane that is blue.  Casey would like a "dancing baby baby doll".

Jack very confidently said, "Santa's going to get that crane for me."  Casey echoed Jack.

I decided it was time to remind them that Santa only brings things for good behavior.  I asked, "What do you have to do to get presents from Santa?"

Jack said, "Be good."

Casey said, "Never mind.  I want to get my baby doll from Auntie."

I'm still laughing!

I ran over to the computer to write that down and Jack came over to say, "If you see a remote controlled crane just get it for me because I want to get it sooner than Christmas.  Do you mind if you order it for me?"  He is getting a little too wise about internet shopping!

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