Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Catalogs

"Oh, a new vaccuum" says Jack as he looks at the computer screen where I'm actually looking at steam mops.  I tell him it's a steam mop to clean the floors.  "I think I should probably ask Santa for one of those for Christmas too.  But...maybe in a smaller size for me."

The Christmas catalogs are arriving daily and Jack has a lot things that he wants from Santa.  He has been pouring over them and with a little assistance from some commercials he has seen on TV he thinks he has a pretty good idea of what he would like.  Just a few things from each page usually.  As he is looking through the magazines for the first time he'll say, "Mommy!  You're not going to believe this...come look at what's on this page."  That's pretty much for every page.   But he's so serious about it, like I'm really not going to believe it.

After looking at the back page of the Target catalog, he said, "Casey is going to want those princesses and I want this [garage] and one of these [nerf guns] but I want it in blue because blue is my favorite color and I saw a blue one in here somewhere else."  When I asked him what he might do with a nerf gun, he said he would shoot it in the backyard.  I'm not sure Santa is going to be able to pull that one off this year.

This week I feel like Jack has been growing up before my eyes.  He seems taller and seems to be talking more maturely.  I just keep looking at him and wondering when he got so big.

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